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Fort Myers Beach Weddings

beach locations for your wedding on FOrt Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach Weddings, Sunset Beach Wedding in Fort Myers

Your personal paradise is that unique setting where the energy opens your hearts to love and your senses too.
This stunning island sees thousands of visitors each year.  Tagged as the worlds safest beach it boasts of
sugar sand and gentle slopes. Planning your beach wedding in Ft Myers Beach has never been easier! With close access to Fort Myers RSW airport, you can arrive in your oasis within 30 minutes of landing.

Fort Myers Beach offers several locations that will create a picture perfect beach wedding ceremony as well as
dozens of local accommodations all with in walking distance of dining, shopping and spa's. We can suggest the perfect reception or dinner venue based on your needs as well as accommodations that are nearby our favorite beach wedding locations listed here. Your Ft Myers beach wedding package can be customized to your specific colors, you may add other services and you can even bring your own supplement décor if you wish.


These are only beach location suggestions for your Florida destination wedding. If you have a different place in mind we can provide our services and beach wedding décor anywhere. We have performed marriage services at hundreds of different venues, so call us if you have another location in mind, not on the Island. Platinum has an extraordinary team of professional and articulate Florida wedding Officiants that ensure your beach wedding ceremony is heart felt and memorable.  Our all inclusive Fort Myers Beach wedding packages include an Officiant, customized ceremony and complimentary supplement ceremony. 


Florida offers many other exciting and extraordinary locations to host your wedding; whether you are searching for a quaint chapel, the perfect beach, a luscious garden or even your backyard, Platinum Florida Wedding Company is your Florida Destination Wedding Planner and Local resource!

DIRECTIONS:  From Fort Myers Beach bridge, take a right at the foot of the bridge and
go the end of Estero.

Bowditch displays breath taking sunsets, gorgeous natural scenery and all the amenities you and your guests deserve.  There is a long well maintained boardwalk that ends on the shoreline.  Perfect for beach wedding productions. This is voted our favorite beach for beach weddings if your desired location is Fort Myers Beach or Lee County.


On your Wedding day at Bowditch, Park and proceed to the boardwalk. Your wedding staff will meet you at the boardwalk to give instructions if you have coordination in your package.  We will set up your wedding decorations to the left or to the right of the boardwalk where it meets the sand.

No permit required.

Places to stay close by
Bowditch State Park
50 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach
Ft Myers Wedding Beach Location Map
places to dine and host small reception dinners
Newton State Park
4650 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach


This location is good for smaller beach weddings. Located mid island you
have quick access to the excitement of Ft Myers Beach and the leisure of Bonita Springs.  There are facilities here for public use. It's not good for events of more 10+ people. 






Public Beach Access'
Fort Myers Beach

The Town of Ft Myers Beach maintains 25 public beach access points, some of which do not offer parking.  We've included a complete list of access points with their cooresponding number.  Depending on the size of your beach wedding, a permit may be required and can take up to 45 days to obtain.  


Our FAVORITE public access number is #20, Coconut.


FMB Maintained Beach Accesses

 11 Flamingo, 12 Gulf, 13 Lanark, 14 Aberdeen, 15 Sterling, 16 Dakota, 17 Strandview, 18 Gulfview, 19 Bayview, 20 Coconut, 21 Hercules, 22 Connecticut

Why Choose Fort Myers Beach:

  • Beautifully designed Florida beach weddings

  • The best beach wedding locations

  • Year-Round Great Weather

  • Shallow white sandy beaches


We go above and beyond:

  • Obtain beach permits on your behalf

  • Provide you with beach maps

  • Vendor referrals (hair & make up, hotels, restaurants)

  • Have your marriage license sent to us instead of traveling with it

  • Last minute elopements 

  • Reservation day and time transfers 

  • Make changes to your wedding package at any time

Fort Myers Beach Wedding Bride

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